Singers' Most Popular vs Most Critically Acclaimed Songs

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I should definitely become a critic!
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Singers' Most Popular vs Most Critically Acclaimed Songs
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RoomieOfficial Prieš 3 dienas
Saw this requested for so long, happy to make it! :D Also "Worth it", the song from the other day, is now up on the Roomie Spotify!
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Prieš 5 val
Hi dad
Dark Cyde
Dark Cyde Prieš 15 val
@RoomieOfficial I Never Liked Tenage Dream now I know why
AwesomeBoysJPTV Prieš 20 val
"You are Sus" please :)
Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson Prieš dieną
I’m glad I can stop seeing this title requested on every video now
Max Munter
Max Munter Prieš dieną
@Aiden Barrera It's just a funny coincidence
Toni Hunter
Toni Hunter Prieš 11 minučių
*sees Frank Ocean - Thinking about You* *hears Vine*
Jinny Gui
Jinny Gui Prieš val
music critiques typically know music stuff. Popular is just the general public that doesn't notice all the intricate details in music
Fernanda Roig
Fernanda Roig Prieš val
The Flamehead97
The Flamehead97 Prieš 2 val
In my opinion most popular song doesn't mean the best song. Shake It Off is far from Taylor's best song
roblox adopt meh
roblox adopt meh Prieš 2 val
Blank space: gOtTa LoVe tHoSe StArBuCkS lOvErS
Daily_potato’s Life
Daily_potato’s Life Prieš 2 val
Me almost puking for the flashing lights on some of the music videos 🤢 Me also 👀👀👀 skipping almost 4 songs ☹️ WHYYYY
Cerracrossing Prieš 2 val
Roomie: "I love how pitchy that is." Me: *There has been a disturbance in the force.*
niels landzaat
niels landzaat Prieš 2 val
Jay-Z's best song is Pound Cake with Drake. I'm always 100% right, fight me
Collin Rymer
Collin Rymer Prieš 2 val
So yesterday as I was watching, he’s criticizing Radiohead’s “Creep” for being “too slow” (which is their biggest song and popular worldwide) and today it’s U2’s “With or Without You” (arguably their most iconic song) and then he states the absolute obvious that Bono cracks his voice on purpose. No shit, Sherlock, that’s Bono’s signature singing style. It’s called U2. I feel like this kid has never listened to, or appreciated, any classic music in his life. If you don’t like any music that’s slow (as if Drake isn’t slow and boring as hell) then you don’t really like about half of the good music out there.
Lefika Modise
Lefika Modise Prieš 2 val
5:50 He didn't say "gotta love these Starbucks lovers" 😢
Iam Proud
Iam Proud Prieš 2 val
"frank ocean most critically acclaimed song:hotline bling" 14:06
Ramóna Farkas
Ramóna Farkas Prieš 2 val
Are there sweden ppl without ocean blue eyes?
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Prieš 3 val
Is there a Rebecca Black- Friday review video
Kimmi Kimmi Cocoa Pop
Kimmi Kimmi Cocoa Pop Prieš 3 val
I agree that Weeknd and Michael Jackson sound alike
JennyApostolos Prieš 3 val
Original Song VS Remade song (example: Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you VS The drug in me is reimagined)
draquone Prieš 3 val
Joel is so good at throwing shade and making it sound like a compliment
MindlessTuber Gaming
MindlessTuber Gaming Prieš 3 val
16:59 Joel legit harmonized with justin
Robloxian Minecrafter
Robloxian Minecrafter Prieš 3 val
Bruh I don't think blinding lights is not the most pop song in Spotify LOL starBoi Wins ur research sucks LOL
Thaliya van Huyssteen
Thaliya van Huyssteen Prieš 3 val
Okay c'mon, is it just me or does he look exactly like Dylan Sprouse 🤷‍♀️
Angelin S
Angelin S Prieš 4 val
Owen_ MP4
Owen_ MP4 Prieš 4 val
Shake It Off sounds like a pop version of Avril Lavigne lol
NCM Prieš 4 val
👏🏻 to showing us how you got your research🙌🏻🙌🏻
SkEtChA mErA
SkEtChA mErA Prieš 5 val
Whats is interesting with Beyoncé Dance joel
Jack Betts
Jack Betts Prieš 5 val
Got to love the censoring. Coca cola, sniffy dust, (teddy bears in a past video), so very subtle.
ROHAN MANEY G Prieš 6 val
The only critical acclaim I know is the one by avenged
Rampage Prieš 6 val
2:57 blinding lights is allso used in the mercedes commercials so that automaticaly makes the song trash.
TheRocker169 Prieš 7 val
in all honesty, I have heard nibros in paris many many times and never heard 99 problems and by just the production quality 99 problems takes it by a mile
CheshireCat Prieš 7 val
Me: Laughing at his head bobbing to Crazy in love Also me: doing the exact same head bobbing
Ella Tingström
Ella Tingström Prieš 8 val
Drake's most popular song, sang by Frank Ocean huh? Sweet.
samrudhi amondkar
samrudhi amondkar Prieš 8 val
Singers doing covers of other songs !!!
Izabelle Maria Camcam
Izabelle Maria Camcam Prieš 10 val
Why is this funny to make me cry? 7:07
Sweata chand
Sweata chand Prieš 10 val
How can blank space be taylor's most critically acclaimed song? I think any folklore or evermore's song deserved this...
Nikhil Mahajan
Nikhil Mahajan Prieš 11 val
Where is Adele 😒
Christine Meyer
Christine Meyer Prieš 12 val
How is it not Sunday Bloody Sunday for U2?!?!?
Robin Fancey
Robin Fancey Prieš 12 val
Blinding lights is definitely better. Great song, so catchy. You can just jam. Can’t feel my face is largely unremarkable, repetitive and a little bit annoying.
A1 SAUCE Prieš 13 val
I died when when it said “Sniffy Dust”
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA Prieš 14 val
I too prefer blank space, and teenage dream-actually firework is my favorite....
Cassie Hegwood
Cassie Hegwood Prieš 14 val
roomie: have you hear dis me: duh
F1 L0
F1 L0 Prieš 14 val
Can't feel my face gets tiresome to listen too, but blinding lights is a mood just like save your tears
cheesesmiles Prieš 14 val
Why are critics ridiculously wordy for absolutely no reason. Just say what you really think! Fks sake. 🤦‍♀️
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Prieš 15 val
I'm surprised blinding lights did so well compared to save your tears tbh, save your tears was my personal favourite in after hours. but yeah overall its such a pog album
Sorashikari Prieš 15 val
Omg Roomie is NOT into Vapor Wave...and needs to listen to more rap?
Brynn Sievert
Brynn Sievert Prieš 16 val
I kind of hate all these songs wtd
Shannon Gerau
Shannon Gerau Prieš 16 val
honestly was never a big fan of Taylor but Blank Space is a good song. howwww lmao
Katherine Eckard
Katherine Eckard Prieš 16 val
Love the glasses! 😀
Yanik Ekambaram
Yanik Ekambaram Prieš 16 val
Come on dark horse is better than teenage dream like if agree
Pikachu RL
Pikachu RL Prieš 17 val
15:25 sOoONg
Jesper Schings
Jesper Schings Prieš 17 val
Mirrors is definitely Justins best song👌🏻
YaBoiDustin Prieš 18 val
"think he's a little hated" A little? The entirety of the beatles fandom hates drake because of the shitty tattoo
emily Prieš 18 val
blank space as most critically acclaimed? press x to doubt
Smartwolfcreates Prieš 19 val
Whenever Thinking bout you came on all I could that about was the vine ‘a potato flew around my bedroom’ 😂😂
Kaelyn Prieš 19 val
It's Hotline Bling, dude... the song unironically SLAPS. I didn't listen to it when I came out, but I listen to it very frequently now LOL
basket mode
basket mode Prieš 20 val
Unpopular opinion: teenage dream is a very annoying song
AnAlias Prieš 20 val
Roomie's got a Mark Hoppus look in this video.
Ezri Hayat
Ezri Hayat Prieš 21 val
Quick correction at 14:04 it should say drake not frank ocean
Jet Girl
Jet Girl Prieš 21 val
Beyonce's best vocals is on listen from the soundtrack of Dream girls.
Kathrine Johnston
Kathrine Johnston Prieš 21 val
anyone that has bin to a light show has heard blind lights
Video game lover 2006
Video game lover 2006 Prieš 21 val
Just so you know you are a horrible singer Roomie
Jillian Watson
Jillian Watson Prieš 22 val
Mom is obsessed with blinding lights!!!!!!!! To much!!!
Simply Swiftie
Simply Swiftie Prieš 22 val
Sniffy dust 😂
HamsterBoi Prieš 22 val
One Dance from Drake, he literlly sings in jsut 2 or 3 melodies so I don't know how is it "so good"
Lowri Jones
Lowri Jones Prieš 22 val
Totally get the choice of 'Aint no mountain high' that song is an absolute TUNE which is always on my regular feel good playlists, but I don't think the importance of 'What's going on' can be measured against it. What an iconic song and moment! No judgement, you were going off what you consider technically the better or more enjoyable song of the two! Just noting the importance of it's message and it's existence within a larger movement :) Also it is also a Frickin TUNE!
Tati Utvic
Tati Utvic Prieš 22 val
Roomie whenever the song was written by Swedish songwriters: this is a GREAT song, i LOVE it 😂 but also I agree lol
Holly Fongheiser
Holly Fongheiser Prieš 22 val
Joel: it’s crazy how there’s no bass until the chorus (Shake It Off) Me: wait, what? *listens* HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT? I listen to this song a lot and never noticed that 😂😂😂
FaZe Roblox
FaZe Roblox Prieš 23 val
roomie: "and here we have U2's most critically acclaimed song: one" me: "their name is U2 not U1 so it makes sense!"
theevilgenius122 Prieš 23 val
Your editor is not including Lady gaga in any vidoes nowadays ....INCLUDE LADY GAGA
Manca Testen
Manca Testen Prieš dieną
Really enjoyed this video, do more please :)
Trinity Lowe
Trinity Lowe Prieš dieną
Nobody: Literately nobody: 95% of the comments: TyLeR sWiFtS mOsT cRiTiCaLly AcClAiMed sOnG is ATW
Diana Tadeo
Diana Tadeo Prieš dieną
I thought that Katy’s most acclaimed song was Never Really Over :o
Maggie Lopez
Maggie Lopez Prieš dieną
Marvin Gaye wrote this song because he was disturbed by the war and the fact that so many men were dying .
GoldSnowman Prieš dieną
Day 4 of asking Roomie to react to Hololive singers
Pablo Felipe Cardoso
Pablo Felipe Cardoso Prieš dieną
so funny that he doesn't like taylor swift but puts her on every thumb for views
STRONG_ GAMER_123 Prieš dieną
Ok hold up .... mirrors shits on can’t stop the feeling in my opinion bc cant stop the feeling was overplayed and annoying but mirrors stands out and u just know that song straight away
Tecnica21 Gaming
Tecnica21 Gaming Prieš dieną
Dan Lucas is 100% correct... It's all i have to say!
Adora - Aint posting, just watching
Adora - Aint posting, just watching Prieš dieną
Sis: "How are people in the comments disagree with Joel sometimes but he still has 7 million subs?" Me: "Disagreeing with people isn't the same thing as Hate or dislike."
Jocke Prieš dieną
More like "Singer's Most Popular Single vs. Most Critically Acclaimed Single". Most Critically Acclaimed songs are non-singles.
Yaoi Lover
Yaoi Lover Prieš dieną
Can you please react on "Akin ka nalang" by Morrisette Amon?
Grayson Gardner
Grayson Gardner Prieš dieną
I’m so glad Frank Ocean was in this video, cuz he’s not one that is always recurring.
Joey J
Joey J Prieš dieną
Beware Frank Oceans Blonde will have you crying by the end..
Alyssa Joyce
Alyssa Joyce Prieš dieną
14:03 whoops the editors fell asleep. Oh wait...maybe Frank Ocean secretly produced Hotline Bling?
Nonexistent Name
Nonexistent Name Prieš dieną
I HATE BLINDING LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
harry Prieš dieną
no one: roomie: puts taylor swift on the thumb nail ✨100M VIEWS✨
Tangerine Shoes
Tangerine Shoes Prieš dieną
“That beat is stank” - Joel
Antipodean wiseguy
Antipodean wiseguy Prieš dieną
marvin gaye what's going on is haunting if you know his story...
Raymond Limbu
Raymond Limbu Prieš dieną
I see Taylor Swift I click!!
Hello_ist_Lisaxxx Prieš dieną
am i the only one that saw the fault in the video “Frank Ocean, most critically acclaimed song, Hotline Bling” it should be “Drake”
Jaclyn Stuard
Jaclyn Stuard Prieš dieną
Love a good baseline. I need to listen to more Weeknd
Anna Sagiakou
Anna Sagiakou Prieš dieną
Just taking time out of my day to express how much I HATE U2. They only have ONE good song and it needs Mary J Blige's vocals to work.
Harry Sel
Harry Sel Prieš dieną
Loved this video keen to see part 2 with MJ, Elvis prince 🙌🏻
IDoNotExist OK
IDoNotExist OK Prieš dieną
I've cracked the code. Mood is kind of like Panini lyrics wise, change my mind.
Luna Hensley
Luna Hensley Prieš dieną
Wait but roar has more vie- its messed up dude. Either the video you are watching is old or idk music that well
Cassie Finnerty
Cassie Finnerty Prieš dieną
So confused for a second cause your editors left it saying Frank Ocean for hotline bling by Drake
Its Royale
Its Royale Prieš dieną
Noone : Me : *hears* „GO Lovely starbuks loves”
Nelson -
Nelson - Prieš dieną
Therapist: Davie502 isn't real. He can't hurt you. Davie 5:02
NitroCerber Prieš dieną
Is it just me or all those beyonies, arianagrandes and others are only popular due to booty shaking an cleavege reveals in clips?
Savannah Watson
Savannah Watson Prieš dieną
If we're going off of Spotify plays, could it be some of the songs are more popular than others because they came out just around Spotify's time? I feel Beyonce's Crazy in Love would be much more popular than Halo... Also, I'm almost certain it's probably cheaper for music video producers to pay random extras to dance than professional dancers. Seems cute, but lazy to me.
Tina Prieš dieną
I thought Beyonce's MOST popular song was Single Ladies
GoldenPineapple 231205
GoldenPineapple 231205 Prieš dieną
Roomie: She looks sad... Me seeing bullets on ground in school: I wonder why...
hntmtys Prieš dieną
Wait Did Joel said he never heard N**** in Paris before?
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